Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kid Craft Using Vinyl

Hi everyone!  I hope you have all had a wonderful week!  I was asked by one of my followers if there was a vinyl project that kids could do.  I can up with this fun one:

All you need is- 

Kids would LOVE LOVE LOVE decorating their own containers!  They could be used as a piggy bank, pencil holder, hair accessory holder and much more.  This would also make a fun gift!  

Need some vinyl?  Check out all the fun colors and designs here!

See you all next Saturday with another fun vinyl project!
Hugs, Kassidy


  1. Kassidy this is so cute!!! :)

    have never seen that tootsie roll holder, need one as i stopped smoking and now tootsie rolls have replaced cigs :)lol

  2. this is GREAT Kassidy!!!!
    I will have to do something like this with my nephew....
    he is almost 4 and loves to do crafts...