Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Spooky Pumpkin Full of Guts

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all  having a FANTASTIC
October Saturday.  We are just trying to stay warm here in
Utah... youwould think Christmas was just around the corner
with all the snow on the ground.  Anyways, I still have a few
Halloween projects to share with you before I start the fun
Christmas ones.

My favorite thing ever this time of year is PUMPKINS!  I
love love love love PUMPKINS!  I am really not a huge
fan of carving pumpkins because it gets so cold here and they
don't last very long at all.  I like my pumpkins to last until

So I was browsing that fabulous EAD Designs Website and
I found this darling vinyl pumpkin face!  YAY now my pumpkin
will last forever!
I made sure my pumpkin was clean and dry before I
added my vinyl.  It turned out FANTASTIC!  I Love it:)

Check out all the fun vinyl decals to dress up your halloween
pumpkins here:

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  1. omg wish I had my cricut and vinyl 20 years ago would have been so much easier that freezing cold hand and pumpkin guts.....came out terrific!