Saturday, October 22, 2011

Let's play dress up with some vinyl

Happy Saturday Everyone!  I hope you are all having
a FABULOUS day!  I am super excited to share another
fun project idea I made using vinyl from
My sister and her husband just moved into a new
home this past month.  The walls were pretty bare
and boring and so hated it.  I decided to surprise 
her and dress up some of her walls with vinyl from 
I love all the fun vinyl decals, wall art, custom designs
that EAD DESIGNS offers.  There is something for
everyone.  Too many things to choose from :)

Anyways... I was so excited to surprise my sister
with some fabulous vinyl that I totally forgot my camera.
Good thing I have one in my phone :)  

Here is what we did.

Check out the pretty WROUGHT IRON
vinyl decals here:

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