Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Personalizing Your Gypsy!

Personalizing Your Gypsy!

I have personalized my cricut and cuttlebug with vinyl...

For the longest time I have been thinking of ways to personalize my gypsy.

Then today, this fun idea popped into my head:)

What you will need:

Shrinky Dink Plastic





Hole Punch

Embossing Gun

1. I cut out the scallop circle using my cricut. Make sure you adjust the settings and use your multi cut button.

2. I used my personalized stamp by PSA Essentials to stamp in the circle. Wait for the ink to dry for about 10-15 minutes.

3. Use a hole punch, I used my cropadile and the biggest punch setting. Try to use the biggest hole punch you can because your charm will shrink a ton.

4. Using my tweezers and embossing gun, I shrunk down the plastic. Make sure you use a cricut spatula to smooth out the plastic as soon as you stop the heat. It hardens pretty fast. If it still has parts not smoothed out, heat it again and it works like a charm;) *This is how much it shrunk 5. Add to your gypsy stylus and enjoy:)

Be sure to pick up a personalized stamp from PSA Essentials!

Check them out here:

Rossomer Square ~ PSA Essentials Site is offering a

30% off code until April 22, 2011

just make sure you use PSACRAFTERS at check out!

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I am using this for my friend Jennys birthday challenge:)


  1. What a cute idea! Looks great with your pink cover!

    Holly :)

  2. oh cute!!!!! Great idea!

  3. What a fabulous idea, just so happens I have some shrinky dink stuff I've never used, thanks!!

  4. super fun idea. I will have try this soon.

  5. Great idea- those are the neatest stamps
    I'm nearing 300 followers I'm having another giveaway, you might be interested.

  6. Clever! Great project!
    Thanks for Sharing!

  7. So creative. I love it! Hugs- Glora

  8. That's a cute idea. I just ordered some stamps from Rossomer the other day and am waiting for them to arrive.

  9. Really nice project. I love PSA essentials, I find their personalized stamps are the best. TFS!!

  10. this is really cute Kassidy, I love your personalized stamp!!!!! it makes a great charm........

  11. I love the way the green and pink go together -
    nice job

  12. wow how cool is that I love that idea thanks for sharing where do you get the plastic from? thanks for sharing Hugs Debbie

  13. This is so cute - I want one too - am going to have to get some of that shrinky dink material.
    mmlmn at polarcomm dot com