Friday, November 4, 2011

Show Me Your Craftroom Blog Hop

Welcome to Inking It Up Crazy and
the Show Me Your Craftroom bloghop.
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then you are in the right place.

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I am going to warn you...
I am not a extremly organzied crafter.
Everything in my room has its place, it
just never gets there ;)

98% of the time my Craftroom looks like this....
Kinda embarrassing, I know.
I am super excited for this hop because it
actually made me CLEAN and semi-organize
my room. I will also have to do another video in
a few month when we move.  I can't wait to have
a bigger craftroom!  Mine right now is tiny.

Here is a video of my room:

I order my SCENTSY from:


Want to win the little scrapbooking decoration?
Leave a comment on my blog.

It's time to go check out the craftroom of my friend Holly:


  1. Kassidy great room :) I think you cleaned up pretty well lol

  2. Thank you for sharing a "before" picture because now I don't feel so embarassed by my space! I have a small space and try to do all my crafts/sewing in there so it can get a bit messy. Great room!

  3. You did a great job hiding...I mean, cleaning...everything!! ;) Cute little room! I can't wait to see your NEW room a done & finished!! :) Thanks for sharing your room!! :)

  4. Oh my gosh...I am soooo happy to see your "before"'s just what I'm looking at now! My husband just stands at the doorway and says "how do you get in here and how do you know where anything is" LOL But I do! The little quote you are giving away is PERFECT!!
    Thanks for sharing your room with us!
    Diana B.

  5. TFS great use of space, Love the use of the medicine cabinet


  6. you must of worked sooo hard! your room looks great, I love peaking at where others create!

  7. Kassidy...
    Your room looks GREAT! I love seeing where you craft and some day...I'll make it to your house to play. Thank you for being in my first blog wouldn't be the same without you :)

  8. Your room looks great!! Sometimes my room looks like your first I'm now your newest follower. I would love for you to stop by and visit my blog sometime.

  9. What a great space. Why put something away if your only gonna have to take it back out :)

  10. You're a girl who is keeping it real! No shame in that! And as long as YOU know where to find things at...that's what matters! I'm glad to hear you are moving soon and get a bigger space! It makes a difference;) TFS My motto: Organized people are to lazy to get up and find what they need! ;D

    ~Vanessa W
    baboo7192 @gmaildotcom

  11. oh! And I do love how you organized your stamps in CD cases! :D Thanks again!

    ~Vanessa W

  12. Oh my gosh that photo!!! I don't think I could handle that lol! Everything looks great in the video, what a great space to have!

    -rachel w k

  13. Oh how I can relate to you LOL My room is also like your 98% of the time. But I love the new look. Thanks for the chance to win.
    annadowdy at gmail dot com

  14. Cute clean room!!! But I know it's never like that. haha. You have a LOT of stuff for that little room. I can't wait to see your new space. I hope everything is going great for you. :)

  15. I like your before pic cause that is how my room looks most of the time. I try once a month or so to straighten it and put things up but then I can never find what I need. LOL

  16. I can understand why messy means creative! Your room looks great/CLEAN and I love the clock & will check out the tutorial on it. Thanks for taking the time to do the video, the perspective of the room was terrific. Also, thanks for offering up to win more "STUFF" for our rooms..LOL
    Creative Wishes, Claire

  17. Great room! I love the way you store your stamps in CD cases, I will be doing that now! I think we can all relate to being messy at times when we are creating.

    plese.cathy@yahoo dot com

  18. I am glad to see your first picture cause that is how mine usually looks too, great organizational items

  19. It sure looks organized now! So many great storage compartments.

  20. Love your space and glad you shared the before picture, too because my space usually looks like your before! :)

    ngj9600 at yahoo dot com

  21. Your room is too cute! Love the zebra. My ribbon storage looks just like your storage and it drives me crazy. It works but I'm sure looking for something else. LOL!!! TFS!


  22. What a way to hide lol, your crafty room rocks!!!.Thanks for sharing.New follower since today.

  23. Great cricut cover,I love your room,I am a follower,joydee1963 at yahoo dot com

  24. I love how you store your stamps!! You have lots of paper stacks!! TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @

  25. Wow - tons of stuff.
    I really like how you organized your stamps in the cd containers
    I am a follower

  26. Love your craftroom! I want to come and scrap with you! I am sure it would look like the before picture when we were done. Thanks for the shout out on the Scentsy! I am so glad you are my friend, I am so thankful for our friendship!


    hollyshobbie at gmail dot com

  27. Hi Kassidy ... What a sweet craft room! I love organizing my stuff almost as much as I like crafting with it, and you look like you're the same. Your tile is funny and I'd like to win it. I can hide my stuff fairly easily, as my room is upstairs, up an extra-long flight of steps (15), and because my hubby has bum knees, he seldom if ever comes upstairs. Plus I am notoriously NOT neat and he's a little OCD, so he knows to avoid up there. LOL -- a perfect plan! Thank you for showing me your room!


    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  28. Great craft room but even better scrapbooking sign you made, super cute and oh so true, tfs....Kim (

  29. Hi Kassidy,
    loved your video, I am so glad you like your clock, it was so fun to make, thanks for the shout out.......
    I can't wait to see your new space,
    I lOVE LOVE LOVE that saying on you tile, lol, I got busted coming home today....with 2 Michaels bags.....he came home from work early.....bugger.....I told him it was just a Cricut mat...and a blade for my cutter.....I think he bought it..hehehehehe
    brodiec88 at hotmail dot com