Saturday, November 26, 2011

Personalized Gifts

Hello Everyone!  I hope you are all having a fabulous Saturday.  I hope that everyone got a tummy full of yummy turkey this week.  I also hope you got some good deals during black Friday.  If you are like me, I celebrated black Friday in my PJ's sitting in front of the computer browsing websites to pick up a few must haves.  That way I don't have to fight the crazy crowds.  

This year I decided to make Christmas extra special.  Instead of giving store bought gifts, I am going to make everything handmade.  I LOVE getting a handmade gift.  I was browsing the EAD Designs website the other day looking for some special things that I can use for everyone on my Christmas list.  There were so many cute and fun things that anyone would love.  It was such a hard decision on what to get.  After a few minutes of narrowing down my selection, I decided I need to make me a little something too.  

I found a really pretty vinyl decal that is personalized for a wedding day.  I picked it up because I have nothing in my house like this and so my hubby will always remember our anniversary.  ;)

I decided to stick the vinyl decal in a frame setting.  I stuck the vinyl on the glass, that way I can change out the background paper when I want a little something different.

This would make an AWESOME wedding gift too!  Any couple will surely treasure it forever.

Be sure to check out the fun things in the EAD Designs store, there are some GREAT Christmas gifts for everyone on your list.

Here is the product I used:


  1. Hi Kassidy, love that vinyl. Woo Hoo. Great gift idea. I am so with you on making Christmas gifts, too. Can't wait to see what you come up with. My husband is still on vacation, so I can't think just yet. LOL. I think I am going to find some resale shops for frames, shelves, tins, etc. I already made junk journals for everyone, I just need something else colorful and fun to make.

  2. Great project and I know your handmade/homemade gifts will be treasured for years to come! :)

  3. Hi Kassidy!!!!!!
    this is just GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
    I LOVE IT!!!!
    I am planning on doing something like this for some homemade gifts also...great minds think alike...LOL

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