Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My HONEST thoughts on the Cricut Imagine

Today I wanted to share a little bit about
my Cricut Imagine.  I purchased this machine
a couple months ago.  I was so super excited
when the UPS man knocked on my door.  I
had been clearing out a special area in my craft
room just for the Cricut Imagine.
I hurried and set it all up, did the update and was
all ready to start playing and....
it would NOT work....  I tried 100's of times
with no luck.  I finally gave up and called the
cricut support line.  They were so awesome,
they had me try lots of things but still nothing
worked.  I sent my machine to have them
get it fixed and a few days later a new one
arrived.  I was so excited because this one
WORKED!  I started to play around with it
and I thought it was okay... the colors weren't
bright and bold like the projects I have seen
using this machine.    It seems like the colors
were dull and sometimes not the same as
pictured in the cartridge handbook.  I got a
new cartridge in the mail this week and was
so excited to try it out when I got home.  I
started to print some images and I was very
disappointed...  I decided to change the black
ink cartridge (I had only used the Cricut
Imagine only 4 times) I didn't think I needed
to change it.  It made all the difference.  As
you can see in the picture the new prints are
bright, bold and perfect.

Here is a super quick project that I made with
the Cricut Imagine:

  • Cricut Imagine Machine
  • Cricut Imagine Cartridge- Buccaneer
  • Glossy Accents
  • String and Button
  • Stamp- My Pink Stamper (Everyday Life)

I can make a project super quick!
  1. It requires as much or as little layering that you want to do!
  2. I can change the colors/patterns in the images!
  3. It prints patterned paper!
  4. I can use my Gypsy with it!
  5. I can use regular Cricut Cartridges with the machine!
  6. I can use RGB codes and match paper I already have!
  7. There are SUPER cute Cricut Imagine Cartridges!
  8. It's a product from Provo Craft!
  9. EXCELLENT Customer Service!
  10. It makes my crafting 100% easier
Want to learn more about the Cricut Imagine?


    1. Oh My goodness, I am not the only one that happened to! When I got mine the same thing, I did not have a problem with the color of project but the set up was horrible.
      Cricut Customer Service GREAT!!!!!
      Thank you for sharing your experience!!!

    2. Interesting... I got mine for mother's day and I've had the same problem with the color. I didn't think it would need a new cartridge since it came new in the box. I've only used my machine a few times and seriously regretted buying it. And I HATE the fact that when you use it with your Gypsy... you can't overlap, weld, or even play with different sizes on the same mat. I've gotta say... I wish I would have saved my money so I could buy the Cameo.

    3. great review all good to know that provocraft stands behind it's products with great customers service.

    4. Congrats on getting your Imagine! I like mine, and I'm still getting use to it and learning more every day. I don't use Gypsy though. Once I see more people successful using the CCR with Imagine online, I may give that a try.

    5. Awesome card and so glad you were able to work out the kinks so you could play with your new toy!

    6. Interesting. I somethings think I want an Imagine, and then think, but I love buying paper pads and how much would it cost to replace the ink? Is it worth it? Your project is awesome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      Hugs! :) Janis

    7. I'm ready to get a new machine, and have been trying to decide between the Imagine, and the new Expression 2. Truthfully, I think I'm leaning towards the E2..I just keep reading so many people's bad experiences with the Imagine, and it seems kinda tricky to me.I have an Expression now, and the E2 looks fun, and easier to use than the Imagine..does anyone have a preference?

    8. I've never heard Great Customer Service and Provo Craft in the same sentence. I really wanted an Imagine it had so many cute cartridges!! But I never ever buy an electronic when it first comes out no matter how good it promises to be. I've heard so many complains about it that I realized that I don't need to buy it. It may be good for some people but I'm ok with my regular Expressions and my Gypsy (that I can't live without it) right now I don't buy many carts and I don't have the money to buy extra carts and the inks. I'm glad it worked so well for you!! I love your projects!!
      TFS!! Take Care!!
      Jennie @

    9. I'm glad you got a working Imagine, I have heard a lot of people say that got duds, especially if they ordered soon after the release. Your image looks great, I hope you don't have to change the ink every four times though!!

      -rachel w k

    10. I sent my imagine back and they sent me a used one. I sent that one back and it's been 3 weeks. They are on backorder. I wanted to make Christmas cards and tags. I hope I like mine as much as you like yours

    11. thanks Kassidy for your info very helpful. I just got my Imagine last time they were shown on HSN it was a great price, when the E 2 sold out. I used it a couple of times and I like it I had no issues with it yet. I heard earlier not to do any updates with it until sometime this mth so I am waiting to do any updates I can;t wait to learn so much more on this machine I hope to see you doing more post on the Imagine thanks for your posting here today helps alot Hugs Debbie