Saturday, July 16, 2011

A QUICK gift idea for EVERY occassion

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a fabulous Saturday!
I have a very quick and fun project for you today.
If you are anything like me, you always do things last minute.
It drives my DH crazy... it actually drives me crazy too!

Well this past week me and the DH were in Lowes picking up some "manly" tools.
I am a total wanderer and try to keep myself entertained while the DH spends what
seem like hours looking around at the newest and coolest tools...

I decided to go check out the floor covering area
and came across some fun little 4 inch tiles for only $o.33

I had a fun idea pop into my head-
'Why not get a bunch of these and make gifts for weddings, birthdays, holidays...'

I remembered seeing some vinyl sheets on the EAD Designs website when I was browsing the day before. I knew I had the best idea for quick gifts ever!

I ordered some vinyl and pulled out my cricut- picked an image and went to work.

I made these fun tiles! They would be great for coasters or just a decorative piece.

Want to make some tiles like these?
*Next time you are shopping with the DH for the "coolest" tools, pick up some tiles.
*Order some Fabulous Vinyl Sheets from EAD DESIGNS:

And you are all set for those quick last minute gifts.


  1. so funny Kassidy, my DH and I do the same thing LOL......
    these are super cute, I have made a few of these for some quick housewarming gifts, I even made one for my hairdresser, with her company name on it, she loved it!!!

  2. Great idea!!! Totally gonna pick some up! These would be great gift ideas. Thanks!

  3. Love these tiles -- they are soooo super fun!! What a great way to keep yourself entertained while shopping with DH. :)

  4. I love this idea. I used to see this more often in furniture and decorator stores.

    DIANA L.

  5. Very cute, its so funny people will pay 20.00 for a set of these tile coasters. And with a little do it yourself you can have them not little of nothing. DH is a eletrican and he would find tile on the job sight all the time they are throwing away. So I told him to be on the look out for stone tile. And sure enough two days later he comes home with some. So for about 6 years now I use this as coasters. I backed ours with craft foam and 3m spray glue. They still have not peeled even with me washing them. TFS the cute idea of how to dress them up.