Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Teach Me Tuesday- Using Hello Kitty Cartridge

I totally forgot to make sure this posted yesterday, good thing
I checked today (even if it one day late)

Question-  How do you layer cuts from HELLO KITTY GREETINGS cricut cartridge?

First off, this cartridge is super cute!  I love all the cuts on this cartridge, great cuts for every season!
When I first got this cartridge, it was a little confusing on how to layer because all the cuts seemed to have a weird shape and didn't look like they were sized right.  After a little playing I realized how super easy it is.

The trick to make it easy when layering is to remember:

I cut the basic Hello Kitty Face out of my cricut and here are all the pieces.

I added the big white face portion remembering that it has a shadow...
Same with the bow pieces

Same as the nose and ear
I cut out the cute butterfly and did the same steps.

I made this super quick layout with these cuts.  Sorry for the lighting in the pictures, I had just a minute to hurry and snap pictures before I had to run errands.

Items Used:
*Hello Kitty Greeting Cricut Cartridge
Paper:  SEI, DCWV

I hope this answered some of your questions about layering cuts from Hello Kitty Greetings.

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  1. I have this cart,Have not used because it seem confusing,Thanks for the help!!joydee1963 at yahoo dot com

  2. Thanks, Kassidy!! :) I need to get mine back out and give it a try again. I think I just wasn't remembering to "shadow" it like that.

  3. Thanks so much! I have this cart and have tried to cut things with it and they never turn out as I would like. I am grateful for your tips!!


  4. That is so adorable I love hello kitty and what a great picture tutorial

    DIANA L.

  5. This is very cute. I love this cartridge.

  6. Thanks. This was helpful and the lo is adorable.

  7. Love this cart! This is soo cute!


    Nicole T.

  8. Thank you so much for answering this question but I have one myself....I can not figure out how to make a card using this cartridge. It never comes out right....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Does anyone have the hello kitty font cartridge? When doing the shapes of hello kitty, they want you to start with the base, shown on page 12 of the booklet, which button is the base?

  10. Does anyone want to sell their Hello Kitty Cartridge? Foster Teenage Daugther is wanting one so bad, and i can't afford full price right now. Thanks.

  11. If anyone is interested in selling their Hello Kitty Cartridge. Please contact me at

    My foster teen daugther would like one, but i can't afford the full price. thank you kindly.