Friday, March 18, 2011

This Weekends Events and a Card

I just wanted to let my followers know a few things
that are happening this weekend.
Tomorrow will be the POLKA-DOT Blog hop:)
It will start right here on my blog in the morning.
Sunday there will also be another blog hop I am excited to be a part of,
you will find more information on my blog Sunday morning.
*Today I decided to make cards and send them to friends and family. I know this is bad to say but, I never send cards to anyone... they just sit in a pile in my craft room. I really need to be better at sending them out. Does anyone else have that same problem?
Hope you are having a wonderful night:)
If you have any questions, you can reach me
by using the contact bar on top of my blog:)


  1. Love the card:)

    I do the same thing. I make them and most of the time they sit in piles in my craft room.
    Only if we have an occassion like a birthday do I actually make a card for someone in particular.

  2. I have only recently started, but yes i do save them, and not send many yet:(

  3. This is such a pretty card. Love it.
    I am the same way with getting cards out. Sometimes I don't want to part with the cards. Thank goodness I'm not the only one that goes through that.

  4. Very pretty card!! I'm working hard to get ahead on my cards but right now I'm making them as I need them, so I do send out most of the ones I make!

  5. I have that problem, too. Then I found this site ~~you send your handmade cards and they ship them to our military that are serving overseas. What a wonderful way for my daughter and I to do something for our brave men/women. :)

  6. I love your card Kassidy! I hardly ever part with my cards. LOL. I spend so much time making them its hard to let them go!

  7. I love the card and yes, I am also guilty of never sending cards. I usually end up bagging them up and giving them as a gift sets for bday gifts! I actually asked my husband to bring a roll of stamps home this week because I decided I was going to mail all of my SU cards to family and friends next week! They are taking up valuable space and I figured it would be nice to send out some smiles!

  8. You did a beautiful job on the card, Kassidy!! I am actually pretty good about sending cards. :) I would always like to send more, but am not always able to. This really is a beautiful card! TFS! :)

  9. I love this card! I too have this same problem. I do find them useful for birthday gifts, but in terms of sending regular cards...NEVER!! Maybe I'll challenge myself to make a regular pattern of departure!

  10. Same here! I make, boxes, stuff...and it sits in a pile! I sometimes just save it all up and then put it in a box and mail to my mom! hahaha- she likes it! BTW... very pretty card!!

  11. Love this card Kassidy! I'm right there with you...I never send mine out either...I have even been known to go buy a card if I need one when I need one, LOL!

  12. Great card! It's funny you say that because while I do have a pretty big (and definitely growing!) pile of cards in my crafty corner, I never seem to send those out! Whenever a new card occassion arrives I always rush to make and send out a brand new one! lol