Monday, December 13, 2010

12 Days of Giveaways Day 7

YAY! It is time for another fun giveaway! I am now feeling 100% better after being sick for about a week and a half. Sorry for the trouble with getting up all the giveaways. I will post a few giveaways today and draw lucky winners on Tuesday afternoon. I also have a bunch more giveaways that I will start at the first of the year:) Anyways.... I am so excited to tell you about today's sponsor! If you have never visited FOTOBELLA, you are missing out. This is a great online shop filled with all my favorite things:) They carry cricut, cuttlebug, paper, embellishments and may other goodies! They have awesome shipping rates too! Check their website and see the fun promotion that they have going on (you may win a gift up to $100).
For today's project, I have been busy making gift tags for all the presents. I was being a little lazy and didn't pull out the cricut. I was so excited to see this paper crafting kit from My Minds Eye already have Christmas Die Cuts in them:) You could make DOZENS of gift tags with this kit or some fun scrapbook pages.
I love how much texture and distressing these papers have.

For Today's Giveaway, FOTOBELLA has donated one of these fun paper kits to one lucky person:)
1. Become a follower of My Blog
2. Leave me a comment with your favorite gift you have ever got for Christmas, and leave me a way to contact you (in case you're the LUCKY winner)
3. Go Check out the Fun online Scrapbook Store


  1. Just checked out the site. I have not seen them before. Will have to remember them for later.

    Glad you are feeling better. Such a hard time to be sick, when there is so much to do to be ready for the holidays.

    One of my favorite Christmas gifts is my cuttlebug that I got last year. I love that the folders inexpensive, so my kids and buy me something I will love, but not be out a lot of money.

  2. Great gift tags, they are so pretty! My favorite gift I ever got was from my son, he made me an ornament at school with a picture of him in the middle with a santa hat on! It is just precious.

  3. So glad you're feeling better! Terrible time of year to be under the weather! What darling gift tags! My favorite gift was a Chatty Cathy doll I got when I was 7 years old.

  4. I don't usually get gifts because we believe Christmas is more for children! but my best gift was the gift of morning sickness 2 years ago on Christmas. We had been trying to have a baby for 4 years either I couldn't get pregnant or I would miscarry! Finally this little boy stuck in there and let me know on Christmas we were gonna be alright! I never had morning sickness after that but that was all i needed to keep me going for 6 months till he was born! Yesterday that little boy turned 18 months old!


  5. Love the gift tags. They are so pretty. I love that red ribbon you used. My favorite christmas gift was probably a doll when I was younger that moved. hehe the good ol days.

  6. Love the gift tags! I've never seen this particular on line store before. will definately check them out.

    My favorite Christmas gift would have to be a green dress that my daddy picked out for me when I was a little girl. I loved that dress and it was even more special because he had picked it out just for me.

    Glad you are feeling better!


  7. Love the tags!

    My favorite Christmas gift is a James Avery Charm Bracelet with a boy and girl silhouette with my kids names and bdays engraved.

    So glad to hear you are feeling better!

  8. My favorite Christmas gift was my Expression which was a birthday/Christmas combo gift with 6 new cartridges! It is by far the most use I've ever gotten out of a gift!

    Beautiful tags!


  9. My favorite Christmas present was a cabbage patch doll when I was a girl. It was the last Christmas I believed before my parents told me the truth.

  10. my favorite gift so far was when i got my cricut last year. i could never justify buying it at the time, and i think my mom got tired of hearing about it for over a year. Thanks
    Ashley Morgan

  11. My favorite gift was my cricut. I always wanted one, but never wanted to spend the money. Boy was I happy to get one.

  12. my fav gift i ever got for Christmas was about 10 years ago my aunt and uncles took me, my bro, and 2 of our cousins to disneyland (this was also my first trip!) best gift EVER!

  13. My favorite gift was probably the adorable homemade cards my children would make for me (no Cricut back Always made with love and their best efforts.
    (Love your blog!)

  14. I think my fav. gift was my cricut last year. my hubby got it for me, I was shocked I had no idea it was a complete shock-

  15. Your gift tags are wonderful! Very pretty. My best Christmas gift was last year when my boys and hubby bought me my Cricut Expression!
    lfuchs1 at wi. rr. com

  16. Your tags are cute even if you were being lazy. LOL!!! The best gift that I received was my very first album that my husband snuck off and created for me. Thanks for the chance to win.


  17. So glad you're feeling better!
    On of my favorite Christmas gifts ever is my Engagement ring. :-) My (now) hubby drove four hours in a snowstorm so we could be together, and then surprised me with his proposal.

  18. glad you are feeling better! One of my favorite Christmas gifts that I have received was a past, present and future diamond ring that my husband gave me for our 10th christmas. I was so happy when I got it that I nearly passed out. Thanks so much for the chance to win a great prize.

  19. the tags are cute. My favorite gift is everytime my grandson comes home from 1st grade and says " Mum mum I made this for you". he loves when I hang it on the refridgerator.
    Dawn RI

  20. I am a follower of your blog! Thanks for the cute tag ideas! Love them! My best gift was a mommy necklace my hubby got me on my first Christmas as a mom! gr8dehne at gmail dot com

  21. HI! And LOVE these tags. One of a kind. Yes I follow you and I have been so busy. I am ready to create again! My favorite gift was my cricut last year. It has been used SOOOO much. But I am TOTALLY going to love my gift this year too.

  22. glad that your feeling better..Love your tags..favorite gift ever is a hard one, but the one I think I enjoy the most has been my Cricut. It's opened a whole new world of crafting for me.

  23. I'm glad that you are feeling better! My favorite Christmas gift was my cricut from my parents :)

    Emily (coolcricutcreations at yahoo dot com)

  24. I am a follower. My favorite Christmas gift was my Cricut expression/Your story combo that my husband got me last year.

    craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

  25. I'm glad that you are feeling better! My favorite gift was from my hubby about 7 years ago: He got ball room dancing classes for us. Realize that this was a major deal since he has two left feet and does NOT like to dance. He is te best husband ever!!

  26. I am a follower of your blog and FB. I love these papers. They are so my "style". My favorite gift this year would be to have time to finish putting my craftroom together! No such luck with four young kids!

  27. Glad you're feeling better. I am a follower. One of my favorite Christmas presents was a talking Barbie. Checking the site now. Happy holidays!

  28. So glad you are feeling better. I love those tickets! My favorite present was when I received a plastic horse set. I still have that horse set and gave it to my daughter who also loves horses. TFS

    stacy at mycraftingtime dot com

  29. Glad you are over your illness. So yucky to be sick near Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed. This kit looks really amazing. My favourite gift has been my cricut E of course!!!!!!!!!!!!
    gaudet5 at rogers dot com

  30. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Cute tags. My favorite Christmas gift would be...watching my kids open their presents and a mannger scene that my dad made for me one year..Its a small round nativity that you wind up and plays silent night as it spins around..I place it out every year..
    cjtj1999 at hotmail dot com

  31. best xmas present was my cricut! :)

    - -dalis
    alidalis AT comcast DOT net

  32. Well... I've never had a super awesome gift for Christmas and most of my gifts I have to buy them myself since I was 13 this year I made my husband a list and he chose good. My best gift is too see my daughter happy and to see her really enjoy Christmas last year she was only 8 months so she really didn't know what was going on,I think this year will be great.
    TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @

  33. So glad you are feeling better Kassidy.... :)
    I have missed your posts...
    these tags are super cute...TFS!!!!
    I think my favourite gift would have to be each year that I am able to spend another Christmas with my Dad, It really is a miracle that he is still with us..being diagnoised 5 years ago with Multiple Myloma Dec. 27 2005....
    brodiec88 at hotmail dot com

  34. Hi there,
    I'm already a dedicated follower of your blog! There is nothing I love more than kits so I would be absolutley thrilled to win this one! My favorite Christmas gift ever was my very first Nintendo System when I was a little girl. That could very easily change this year if I get an Imagine from Santa. ;)
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    XO ~ Amy Jo or

  35. Great gift tags.. I'm already a follower.. My favorite Christmas gift has to be my cricut that I got last year as a Xmas and birthday gift..

  36. So glad you are feeling better! Great tags! My favorite gift was when my husband proposed 2 years ago!
    ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

  37. My favorite present has to be my Cricut of course. Thanks for all the inspiration you've shared. papermemories4u at yahoo dot com

  38. These are super cute tags! TFS. My favorite gift would be the anniversary ring my husband surprised me with on the Christmas of our 10 year anniversary! I had no idea and it was beautiful! I'm already a follower.
    hectorhd517 at yahoo dot com

  39. Cute! My favorite Christmas present? A new nephew 9 years ago today!


  40. I love what you did.
    My favorite gift for Christmas... giving front row seat tickets to my son for the WWE that came to town.. me and my brother and my son were able to attend. His look of surprise was the best!
    Thank you.

  41. 1st... I love those tags and will jump over to Fotobella to take a peek.. very cute papers. favorite christmas present was my engagement ring from my awesome hubby 12 yrs ago :-)

    lostnwa98 at frontier dot com

  42. Beautiful tags!

    My husband bought me a set of tote bags with my new monogram on them the first year we were married. I still have them and use them all the time.

    ~ JD ~

  43. My favorite gift I ever got was a purse (normally I don't get anything) but it had a gift card to Michaels in it & some undies. lol.

    thanks for sharing your work!

  44. I love your gift tags, very quick and easy... I have that paper and I love it...thanx for the inspiration....I think my favorite gift of all time was when my hubby bought me the cricut...:)

  45. my Cricut (but hopefully this year I can say my favorite gift will be my Imagine)!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!
    Debbie Chapman